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school management

School Automation

School Management Software aims at arming the School with the power of Information Technology. This software enables the School to overcome the irksome job of manually writing down all documents and records as well as maintaining the same. It keeps the track record of each and every form and document right from the moment the student admitted in the School till he leaves the School. It integrates all the section, department, management, guardians, parents into a single system from where each section or department can be managed independently.

Product Overview

• World class solution for School management with web based administration and Reporting System, which optimizes and enhances the performance & efficiency of the associates.
• Extremely user - friendly
• Integrated structure avoiding data redundancy
• Modular approach- Makes easy to add modules later
• Flexible and customizable -For individual school needs
• Single Database Server System - Easy to maintain
• Scalable - incorporate Smart cards & RFID Tags and GPS systems
• Web based application
• Help Menu

Key Features

• Comprehensive student records management system
• Highest level of security features
• Extremely user friendly
• Integrated structure
• Central data management system
• Reporting systems
• Operational audit system
• Robust applicable Design
• Commitment to customer satisfaction

   Module Overview
admission Admission / Prospectus

• Prospectus Selling and Registration
•  Sorting of admission form
•  Entrance Exams
• Add New SMS/ Email Template
• Selection process according to the set criteria
• Admission fees Receipt Generation addmission slip

payroll Payroll

• Salary Slabs & Increments
• Allowances, Deductions & Salary statements
• Pay slips & Salary Disbursement pay slip

user User Management

• Create New user role
•  Add New Branch / Section
• Add New Subject add new subject

fees Fees / Payment Collection

• Customized Fee Structure
• Fees Receipts and Registers
• Fees Intimation and Reminder Letters
• Fine Calculations
• SMS / E-Mailsms

attendance Attendance

• Students & Staff Attendance Marking
• Attendance record
• Attendance by using Smart Cards, Finger Prints
• SMS / E-Mail alert to guardian's
• Weekly & Monthly attendance report monthly report

security Security

• Highest security on each forms & Reports
• User Authenticationuser

  syllabus Syllabus

  • Create Subject's & Practical's    syllabus

   feedback Feedback

  • Interaction platform for           students    & teachers
   • Feedback to Students on their          performances
   • Teachers feedback to guardian's        about students performance

account Account

• Integrated with other modules
• Tracks all purchase order & vouchers
• MIS Reports like Balance Sheet

schoolimg Library

• Library Management using barcode   function
• Issue, Return, Reserve Books
• Over dues , Defaulters list
• Library Asset management
• Books issuing details
• Book search , locator and descriptor School locator

  event Event

  • Allocation of Clubs to Student & Staff
  • Class wise Events scheduler Activities of impetech

student Student

• Complete Dossier of the student from the date of joining till he/she leaves the school / college
• Previous School / College history with Documents Submitted
• Identity - Card

inventory Inventory

•  Centralized Purchases
• Store Information
• Issue & Return of goods
• Purchase order & quotation tracker
• In & out stock report
• Decision Support decision support

hostel Hostel

• Room Facilities & Allotment
• Maintaining outing Records
• Maintaining Visitors Records maintaing

  staff Staff

 • Complete Dossier of the faculty and   office personnel
 • Previous work information
 • Performance Appraisals reports performance

  examination   Examination

  • Progress report card generation
  • In-depth analysis according to class   & students
  • SMS/ E-mail alert to guardian as well   as student SMS

transport Transport

• Bus stops and Route Allocation
• Transport Fees & Transport Availing
• Fuel log Book,Tax & Insurance details fuel log book

recruitment Recruitment

• Application Forms
• Short listing & Interview call Letters
• Selection Appraisal reports

  timetable Timetable

 • Customized time table class wise &    subject wise
 • Better working conditions better working condition

  health checkup   Health Checkup

 • Health register with Insurance    management for School
  • Disease diagnosis, condition report
  • Health tips check list to parents health