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Banking & Financial Services

Banks around the globe, regardless of size, are growing increasingly frustrated with their core banking systems. Many of the antiquated systems currently in place were built 20-30 years ago on technology that was current at the time, but they now lack many of the sophisticated functionalities that are available today. In addition, the technology back then was built with closed environments and did not anticipate integration with the numerous third-party applications that are now required in order to remain competitive. By continuing to add more and more applications onto these already over-burdened systems, banks compromise their operational efficiency and even run the risk of possibly reaching a point where they could crash. Such a scenario would be detrimental to a bank. Many banks as also plagued with the high maintenance costs associated with running older, less efficient technology. Also, banks must often run multiple un-integrated systems simultaneously as a result of mergers and acquisitions that have become quite common within the banking industry over the last few decades. Banking and Financial Services Practice built on strength of Domain, Process, Technology and Innovation. The practice is boosted by a myriad of activities like industry research and trends, tools evaluation, continuous process optimization, innovation leading to intellectual property, publishing white papers and capturing experiences in the form of best practices and case studies.