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electronic medical report


Electronic Medical record:
EMR Increases and improves the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery. We at Impetech help the healthcare providers in implementation of the EMR which is challenging in a hospital set up due to difficulty and resistance of the medical and Para medical staff in adapting from paper work to electronic devices. We work as partners and provide full support from the expert team at Impetech IT Solution for implementation. Our services reach beyond implementation, to focus at enhancing the operations and quality of healthcare provided by the hospitals. Impetech IT solution helps hospitals to keep up the service quality as well as value over time. We assist the hospital to understand and successfully implement the HMS until it becomes adaptable to all the key user resources in the hospital, thus streamline the operations of the hospital and help them deliver quality of patient care at same time manage hospital turnover with the help of decision making facilitated by the MIS reports generated by the Impetech HMS.
Services Provided: Integrations provided:
• IT infrastructure
• Data Design
• Implementation
• Support
• Wireless cellular devices
The HMS enables to interface equipment and services such as :
• Biometric Identification devices
• GPS tracking
• Remote healthcare kits
• Cellular devices