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Building Wi-Fi is a simplified process of accessing

Building Wi-Fi

Building Wi-Fi is a simplified process of accessing or browsing Internet using Wi-Fi enabled devices. Impetech is one of the innovative IT Company and pioneer in providing technology driven solutions with cost effective approaches. Wireless technology has helped to simplify networking by enabling multiple computer users to simultaneously share resources in a home or business without additional or intrusive wiring. These resources might include a broadband Internet connection, network printers, data files, and even streaming audio and video. This kind of resource sharing has become more prevalent as computer users have changed their habits from using single, stand-alone computers to working on networks with multiple computers, each with potentially different operating systems and varying peripheral hardware.


There are many advantages associated with installing a wireless network compared to a wired network such as mobility, cost-effectiveness and adaptability. Wireless Networking is relatively cheaper than wired Networks since they require no cables between the computers as well as lower long term costs due to less maintenance since there is less equipment. The reduction of cables also reduces the trip hazard caused by cables running along the floor in most homes. Most wireless network equipment is plug-and-play, which helps reduce the total cost such as vendor installation and eliminates redundancy in case of a system crash.

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