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Engineering And Construction

Engineering & Construction

The Engineering & Construction (E&C) industry is high risk, fragmented and highly competitive. Growing project complexities, fragmented business and processes, changing regulatory environment, increased risk in project execution, changing owner expectations, changes in technology and shortage of skilled workforce have resulted in severe margin pressures and business unpredictability. These challenges get amplified as companies go global, tap emerging sectors, increase portfolios and grow via Mergers And Acquisitions. Thus, there is need to rationalise operations and manage risks better.

Impetech's E&C practice provides industry professionals, domain specialists, consulting services and industry solutions to address the most critical and key challenges. Impetech help's you achieve operational excellence, improve end-customer experience and drive growth by:

• Offering business transformation insights and recommendations
• Deploying process and technology improvements across ERP, project control, engineering design, information management and IT operations
• Adoption of next generation technologies and solutions such as analytics, mobility, cooperation, IOT(Internet of Things) for enhanced productivity, wise decision making, collaboration across extended ecosystem and effective project execution
• Joint value propositions and expansion services