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Travel & Tourism

The travel and tourism industry bounced back from the global economic slowdown of last year with 2011 poised to show a positive growth number. As a matter of fact, travel and tourism is one of the largest industries globally, both in terms of size and employment ($5.4 trillion and 8.6 per cent of the global workforce). In India, contrary to popular belief, it creates more jobs than the traditional industries of agriculture and automobiles and accounts for 5.9 per cent of GDP, making it the largest contributor after the oil and gas industry. And yet, the Indian travel and tourism industry is not a mainstream industry; its full potential is yet to be recognized by the government. The future of tourism in India is certainly bright but we do have a long road ahead. Development of quality infrastructure will be the key to India's harnessing her full tourism potential. Internet has also added a new dimension to the business of travel with websites being used as a primary source of information and booking. The way forward for India tourism would be to have a streamlined approach so that we can widen the scope of the industry. With the explosion of technological advancements in the mid and late 20th century, tourists discovered increasing access to a growing array of destinations. From promoting destinations and attracting traveller attention to enable instant reservations and payment collection, communication technology continues to exhibit a significant impact on the tourism industry and travel in general.

Product features & Benefits

Automation allows you to quickly and effectively increase your business with new tourism products and markets with minimal operational costs. 
•   Process Implementation always helps to manage manpower & Customer expectation 
•   Customer & Contact Information Management
•   Continuous updates and any unplanned changes information broadcasting 
•   "Do what you commit"- Building customer relationship & satisfaction
•   Survey - to understand customer satisfaction
•   Feedback - improve quality



Solution Model

We do provide a one step solution for all your needs.
Our business model supports below facilities : - Rent rather than purchase

•   Easy to use 
•   Reduce your costs 
•   Integrate with accounting system 
•   Advanced Alert & Notification Management system 
•   Android & iphone app for customer information management (on the go alert mechanism) 
•   Navigation System & Rescue management system