Impetech IT Solution Pvt Ltd


The Manufacturing industry is driven by intense competition, complex and globalized supply networks combined with the increasing number of customers. With speedily changing customer expectations and constant technological change, there is a need for quick product development and innovation. Increasing usage of embedded software in the product enables them to be more intelligent bringing with it the challenge of huge amount of equipment data that needs to be processed and analyzed to produce meaningful insights.

Impetech offers a comprehensive suite of solutions across the Manufacturing value chain. These include:

Supply Chain Management:  Our suite of solutions reduce the complexity of the Supply Chain network by addressing inventory, improving procurement, reorganizing product development and ensuring order fulfillment through efficient plans
Improved Product Development:  Short product life cycles and rapidly changing technologies make product development time short. Our product life cycle and engineering solutions help in managing data and also building a component from the concept   to the prototype stage in a fast manner
Smart Manufacturing:  Impetech helps in transforming standard Manufacturing processes into demand driven and digitally executed operations. Solutions include enhancing the Manufacturing intelligence in the shop floor with integrated planning and   powering visibility through global operations management centre
Service Lifecycle Management:  Our Service Lifecycle Management suite is designed to power your after-market services by controlling cost and increasing revenues in the areas of warranty, field-service and installed base management