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Health care and life science

Health Care & Life Science

Within healthcare there are three layers which form the integral process of delivering care to patients also known as the "bench to bedside" process of drug research and development. At the bottom layer fundamental research into Life Sciences investigates the impact, at molecular level, of diseases on the body. Drugs are then developed which are brought to clinical trial resulting in a discipline known as Translational Medicine where the impact of the drug is determined and fed back into the research process. Clinical Practice involves the treatment of the patient by a clinician. 

We do offer products and services for: 
•  Hospital Management System 
•  Laboratory Information Management System 
•  Patient Information Management System 
•  Tissue Microarray Analysis

Remote Healthcare Kit

Healthcare now no longer means delivering consultation and treatment in person.  Care from distance is an old practice. There is a long successful history of absentia healthcare which thanks to the Communication technology. Similarly Information technology enables high end system integration which incorporates the use of sensors and embedded electronic devices. Remote healthcare kits enable users such as patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to monitor, track and manage healthcare information from a distant location, thus preventing the patient to go to the hospital for simple check-ups like Blood pressure, Glucose level, pulse oximeters and weighing scale. Remote patient monitoring is frequently used for geriatric and chronic cases. According to the National Broadband Plan drafted in year 2011 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the use of remote patient monitoring technology in conjunction with electronic health records (EHR) could save the healthcare industry $ 700 billion over 15 to 20 years. Remote Health management is of immense need and demand in developing countries like India. We provide remote healthcare Kits consisting of Blood pressure monitors, Gluco meters, and pulse oximeters wherein the patients need not go to the healthcare facility to avail these check-ups. Small portable devices are installed at patient’s home and data is collected and sent via these portable devices over a secure server to an online portal.
health care by impetech

• Data Safety Ensured
• Encrypted Methods
• Dedicated Servers
• Latest Cloud Technology
• Patient Data is stored in Relational Database.
• Reports / Readings available instantly to view by the Doctors.
&buAlerts / Alarms on Significant Deviation of Readings from Normal Range.
• User Friendly Software
Health care & LS Benefits:
• Increases Patient Access
• Increases hospital bed occupancy for needy, acute case patients.
• Mentoring direct healthcare at home.
• Saves Cost of travel and accommodation for patients.
• Continuous Health Monitoring and Supervision available.
• Alerting system to care provider thus instantly providing treatment.