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Skill development

Need of Skill Development

Soft & Tech skills training cover an extensive area of development. It completely brings transformation and confidence in the person, It is a vital area of growth for all scales of organizations across different sectors. From areas of basic communication at both internal and external levels to strategic management and planning, Dimension is the training program that covers all. through our structured training schedule, we attempt to address all areas of concern of Institution and organization. In a highly competitive environment, it is necessary to offer customized solutions that also contribute to business, any ideation without transformation and adaptation is meaningless. It needs to remember that credibility and acceptability of every company is largely dependent on customer relationships, and honing soft skills is one way of enhancing these relationships. These skills are not only important to maintain an amiable relationship with clients but also among team members and departments within your organization.

Even in such technical lines as engineering, about 15% of one's financial success is due to one's technical knowledge and about 85% is due to skill in human engineering, personality and the ability to lead people.

•  Communication skills
•  Leadership training
•  Personality development
•  Creative thinking
•  Accent training
•  Motivation
•  Interviewing skills
•  Coaching and mentoring
•  Confidence building
•  Time management
•  Emotional intelligence
•  Problem solving
•  Stress management


Transformation via ATS (Advanced Technical Skill)

Computer Science & Engineering

Hardware and Networking
• Hardware And Networking
• Datacenter - Set up
• Smart City Initiatives Next generation NW & Security
• KIOS Engg
Application Design
• Oracle & data ware housing
• Smart Interactive Product OS & KIOS

Electronics Engineering (E&TC/EC/CE)

• PCB & Circuit Design
• Design, Installation and Operation of systems (ibMS, BMS, Scada, PID, Industrial Automation)
• Electronics Product Development
• Smart appliance Initiatives

Embedded Designs
• Complex Industrial and infrastructural systems are increasingly managed on the basis of Systems Engineering (SE).
• Computing and Programming Technology (Processors & Controllers)

Mechanical Engineering

• Mechatronics and robotics
• Structural analysis
• Thermodynamics and thermo-science
• CAD Design and drafting
• Micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)
• Friction stir welding (FSW)
• Composites
• Mechatronics
• Nanotechnology
• Finite element analysis
• Computational fluid dynamics
• Acoustical engineering
Mechanical CAD/CAE
• AutoCAD
• Cero

Design For The Engineering World

Domain Knowledge
• Engines
• Vehicle Integration
• Transmission
• Suspension
• Casting
• Forging
• Sheet Metal
• Structure Design
• Plastics
• BIW Fixture
• Jigs & Fixtures
• Press Tool
• Die Designing
• Mold Designing
• Patterns
• Reverse Engg.
Product Design
• Chassis Design
• Engine Design
• BIW Design

Tool Design
• Fixture Design
• Mould Design
• Press Tool Design

Global - Campus Connect

• Dimension : en-lights the student mind and gives a new spark to the carrier, enabling him / her with placement assistance and project guidance.
• Student awareness : We are coming up with a corporate student expectation management program soon to ensure the awareness and technology readiness for student seeking for placement. On &  Off campus placement assistance.
• Recognition : Inter college programs on technology and innovations to enable students for competition and knowledge sharing.
• Awards : Best Project recognition.
• Program for Training & Placement officers : we would be conducting cross culture training program of TPO’s along with emerging engineering verticals to understand the market goals and  demands.
• Magazine : Campus connect magazine would be circulated to all educational institute across country.