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Natural Resources

Around the world, natural resource companies - producers of agricultural staples, oil and gas, lumber and wood products, basic chemicals, and many minerals - are facing unprecedented volatility in supply and demand. The global population is poised to reach 9 billion by 2050, and much of the growth will be in emerging markets. Millions of people in China, India, Latin America, and Southeast Asia are entering the middle class for the first time, increasing their demand for energy, housing, and transportation. At the same time, because of economic turbulence, rapid technological change, and the ever-present dynamics of gluts and shortages in most resource industries, there is no guarantee that the price of raw materials will continue to rise. Adding to this uncertainty are concerns about the impact,this growing demand will have on the environment.

At Impetech, we call this new operating model as Digital Mining, which values the role of technology. We define a new set of capabilities within your organization to successfully implement technology and align and integrate it with the entire value chain.

• Standardization
• Centralization
• Automation
• Visualization
• Mobilization
• Virtualization