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Impetech Health Initiative

Health is the science and systems designed to protect and improve health at the community and population level. It includes efforts to improve health by preventing disease and promoting healthy behaviours. These efforts include initiatives to educate the public about healthier choices, facilitating healthier lifestyles through community supports, preventing outbreaks and the spread of infectious diseases, and ensuring safe food and water in communities. NCSL resources on this topic address emergency preparedness, health promotion and disease prevention, injury prevention, wellness, nutrition, physical activity and fitness, school health, oral and dental health, vaccines and immunizations, smoke-free environments and discouraging tobacco use.

Current Scenario Diagnostics Industry
•  Diagnostic and Pathology Services would account for 400 corers Rupees in 2016.
•  The pathology market is currently 3.5% of the overall healthcare delivery market.
• Government Hospital laboratories contribute to approximately 20% of the pathology revenue.
• There are 40,000 independent path labs in the country that service 1.5 million patients per day.
• Private firms are now thought to provide about 60% of all outpatient care in India and as much as 40% of all in-patient care.
• It is estimated that nearly 70% of all hospitals and 40% of hospital beds in the country are in the private sector.

•  Improved Delivery Systems.
• Standardization of services.
• Affordable pricing for quality services.
• Accessibility to a comprehensive menu of diagnostic tests.
• Optimum use of resources.
•  Use of advanced IT Systems.
• Networking to increase reach to rural areas.
impetech health initiative