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Admission / Prospectus

School Management Software aims at arming the School with the power of Information Technology. The software enables the School to overcome the irksome job of manually writing down all document and records as well as maintaining the same. It keeps the track record of each and every form and document right from the moment the student admitted in the School till leaves the School. It integrates all the section, department, Management, Guardian, Parents in to a single system from where each section or department can be managed independently. For institution to function well, three resources are required man, money and time and all these resources have to be spent wisely and efficiently. School management software makes it easy to manage all these resources by giving maximum output. Its like a step up transformer which takes a low input but gives a high output. Thus helps in optimum utilization of resources. It tracks each and every activity which goes inside School. Whether it’s accounts, academic, attendance, library or a simple function like house keeping it keeps information regarding every minute details and presents them in reports which helps the management in making a quick decision and optimizes the resource time.

Product overview

The software can be operated and accessed from anywhere throughout the world through internet. Complete decision support system : It produces graphical and non graphical reports of every function for example library reports,  tells one about Number of books available in the library, total cost of books, list of books to ordered, list of books recommended by teacher etc. and therefore helps in making instant decision.  Integrated structure – avoiding data redundancy : there is no need of entering the same data again and again once  data entered can be used for other purpose as well, for example- once the name of the student while enrolment are entered then there is no need of entering their name again for making attendance records and library records i:e : One Person One Identity. Flexible and customizable: It is flexible and customizable to suit individual School/College needs, the functionality of the software can be designed to suit the need of the School / /College.   Efficient Decision Making : Any time-Anywhere data availability through web for deriving reports. A pocket PC based attendance system : The attendance of the student will be stored in a digital machine which will be easy to carry and access. Integrated with Android App, GPS, RFID, UHF ID Card. Modular approach: Makes easy to add modules later : hence according to budget the School/College can choose the modules which it requires and can get other modules when the need arises.

Prospectus Selling and Registration

Students can download the admission form and can submit it online and can pay prospectus fees online.
Preparation of potential candidate list and sorting of admission form
The software will automatically sort out  the form of student who falls under criteria of admission and will prepare the list of the student who can be selected
Entrance Exams alerts to the student
School/Colleges can sent sms alerts to student informing them about entrance exams date, admission date etc.
Student screening module enables the school to screen the student easily and interested students can apply for the seat any time without visiting the school.
Software can easily forecast the no of vacancis and accordingly plan for student admitnce in to school


SMS to Student / Class  

Send SMS to Student
• Send SMS to Student & you can define sms templates.
Send SMS to Class
• Send SMS to Class & you can define sms templates.