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Interaction platform for student and teachers
It allows students and teachers to interact with each other through sms/e-mail on academic and various other School/College related issues. The management can overview these conversion anytime as these are open system conversation.
Feedback to student on their performance
The teachers can send detailed graphical analysis of the student performance through e-mails. The software will take input from data provided and will give a graphical analysis which contain points like student performance in class test, semester exams, attendance in class, presentation and case study score and performance in various other activities.
Teachers feedback to guardian about student performance
The same feedback will sent to guardians through e-mail.
Feedback by student to teachers as well as School/College activities
The student can give feedback to teachers and management about how they feel about the teachers and their teaching method and about the programs organized by the management. A separate space will be provided where these feedbacks can be written and stored. So that management can view these feedbacks whenever required.
Blog space where everyone can share their views and ideas
This will be a page where everyone can share their views and ideas. Student, teachers and everyone who is a part of School/College can put up his views about various topics and issues relating to School/College and academics. This page can be viewed by people outside the School/College, so that they can know more about the institute. The management has a direct control over this page, so that they can remove the content which are not useful or against School/College ethics and prestige.  
Act as a multi communication channel.
It allows a platform where everyone can join and interact. Hence allows a free flow of communication.
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