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Library Management using UID and bar code function
Every book will have a Unique Identification Code and Bar Code
This code when entered into the system gives details of book like name of book, author, publication, price etc and the bar code also have the same function but can be read only through bar code reader.
Issue, Return, Reserve Books & Periodicals
Through this books can be issued to student. The librarian just has to scan the bar code on book and student ID card with bar code reader, the book will be automatically credited to the student's account. The same method is used for returning the book and reserving also.  
 Over dues, Defaulters list
It will give the name of student who have not returned the book from long time after due date.
Library Asset management
Keep track of records of all the assets of library like total no. of books in the library at given point of time,
no. chairs and tables, no. of racks etc and gives a detailed graphical representation of the same at any given point of time. Thus helps in instant decision making about library.
Bar code printer and RFID cards
Bar code for the books and RFID can be printed in the library itself.
Library performance reports.
It gives detail analysis of each and every activity going on in the library for example- how many books are issued in a month/week/day? How many students visit the library? Which are the books that are mostly searched by the student? Do the student gets every book they search for?  Books purchase record. Fine collected by book defaulter student. Books recommended by the teachers
Books issuing details.
It gives details of books which are issued mostly by the student and which are issued rarely. So the librarian can have a clear picture while ordering new books and order those books only which are issued mostly by the student.
Book search, locator and descriptor
Student can type the name of the book and can search for the book they want from the library and it details regarding author name, short description of the book and it location in the library and they can also check its availability and if the that particular book is not available they can reserve it so that they can get it issued whenever it is available. For all this they need not to visit the library they can search through any computer which is in the network of School/College or connected to the server through the internet.
Book publishing on the intranet of School/College
Some books which are very costly and cannot be issued to student. These can published on the intranet of the School/College so that student can read it through computer lab or their laptops
Book return date reminder
The software will send reminder messages through sms/e-mail to the student on the return date of the book
Library blog space and request area
It will be common area of the software where everyone can have access. The student can share there experience about certain books they have read, list of new books which have arrived in the library can posted here for student and teachers information, teachers can post there comments about certain books and topic which the student should read and news article of student interest can be posted here.
Request column
Student and teachers can place a request for the book which is not available in the library to the librarian as well as principal.