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Student & Staff Attendance Marking
When the students and staff enters the class room or School/College they just need to swap their Digital ID cards in the Digital ID card machine and their attendance will be marked. So there is no need of marking attendance with paper and pen
Muster Roll Generation
On the basis of attendance it will generate the muster roll of the staff in the desired format
Attendance Record
It will generate attendance record of the student according to class wise and subject wise , as desired
Payroll for Staff
It will calculate the payroll of the staff on the basis of their attendance in muster roll
Smart Cards, Finger Prints & PDAs
These are types of the digital ID card reader for marking attendance
Sms/e-mail alert to guardian if student is not attending classes regularly.
If a student is not attending classes regularly or is having short attendance then it will send sms/e-mail alert to the student as well as his/her guardian informing them about the absenteeism  from the class,
List of student having short attendance and full attendance
From time to time it will generate list of students who are having short attendance and who are having good attendance record.
Weekly/monthly attendance report percentage wise
It will automatically calculate the attendance and will make percentage wise attendance report of each student in the desired format.
Analysis and Graphical representation of attendance records
It will analyze attendance records of each class and subject in year and will provide graphical representation. So the management and principal can know the attendance level in each class and subject