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health checup

Health Checkup

Health register with Insurance management for School (student/staff)
Disease diagnosis, condition report(illness & hospitalization report )
Doctors orders & suggestions available parents
Health tips check list to parents.
Blood donors list.
Medicine stock list & equipment details.
Details of medical emergency services(doctor, hospital, ambulance etc)
One of the important objective of School Health Services is awakening of health-consciousness in children. In addition, it promotes positive health, helps in prevention of diseases and also in the early diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of defects.
To reduce morbidity amongst school children by preventing them from falling prey to the preventable diseases and thus helps to reduce the drop-out rate amongst school children.
Early detection of health related problems in children and their proper treatment through referral services.
To impart health education to the school children and the teachers.
Counselling of the Family / Community on various issues.
To advice the school authorities on safe drinking water supply, good environmental sanitation and cleanliness etc.
Benefits to Students
Maintenance of good health.
Awakening of health Consciousness.
Students become more attentive and participate more in academics as well as extracurricular activities because of good health.
Benefits to School
Healthy school environment.
Good academics and extra-curricular results.
Ready school health records for submission to State Government whenever required.
Model school as an example for others.